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After that, everything is proof or in support of those first three pages your business model, secret sauce, how it works, timeline, projections.

This establishes continuity between when you present and when they Google you. As an effective consultant, having a repeatable and scalable process is crucial. While creativity plays a role, overall it is a very standardized process. When a CEO needs helps with a presentation, I send the outline, have the CEO put something together, and then go through that presentation page by page. If you do not understand the client, ask, then ask again. Toptal is an incredible marketing machine, and there will be other opportunities. I measure my own success by how successful my clients are.

My advice to any CEO is to begin with a clear goal in mind for hiring that consultant. I try to be as well-informed as I can be about the company itself and its industry. My background gives me enough of a dynamic point of view that I can have a conversation with almost any industry. The most important features include: doing your homework, being upfront and honest with clients and not being afraid to challenge. A financial consultant can help a company with a variety of important finance-related tasks including CFO advice, fundraising consultation, and pitch deck creation, along with providing valuation and modeling expertise.

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Executive Summary What are some keys to being a successful financial consultant? Ask a lot of questions and really listen to what the client potential client is saying. By the end of an hour-long phone call, you should know exactly what the client's business is all about and what challenges they're facing.

When working with a high-level executive, don't be afraid to challenge their assumptions. It's far better the challenges come from you than when they're either in the marketplace or in front of high stakes investors. Act as a partner, not an employee. Don't just let the client hand you tasks to do, try to collaborate as much as possible. The best relationships are true partnerships where both sides are lending and feeding off each other's expertise.

How do you ensure success for your clients? Arm the client with thoughtful research. This is, of course, substantiated with market research, valuation, etc. You're not just trying to force them to vocalize an answer and run with it. You're working towards getting the right answer together. Instead of simply telling clients what you think is best, try to have a back and forth discussion. For pitch deck creation, for example, try to have the client as involved as possible.

You could just create the entire deck for them but the clients that get more involved tend to have a significantly higher success rate. How do you handle difficult clients? Try to avoid clients and projects that aren't a good fit from the beginning. Measure your own success by how successful your clients are.

Take the interview process very seriously and if you don't think you can help, try to find out as early as possible and opt not take the engagement. How do you grow your book of business? Go the extra mile. Spend that extra minutes on the interview call and don't be afraid to give the potential client something for nothing—that way they walk away from the initial call having received something of value.

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Create a repeatable process. Try to learn from past engagements and create a standardized process that can be repeated. Of course, the process grows and gets edited with every project and therefore, your value-add keeps growing too. Am I obligated to provide additional rest breaks to employees who are smokers? My employee arrived 10 minutes late for work and said she would work through her first break to make up the time.

Is this acceptable?

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Your employee must actually take all required breaks. The rest break may not be deducted from the beginning or end of the work period. My employee says he prefers to skip his afternoon rest break and leave 10 minutes early. Is that OK?

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The law requires employees to take all required breaks in the middle of each four hour or major part thereof work segment. The rest period may not be deducted from the end of the work period to reduce the overall length of the total work period. If an employee works through the lunch period and wants to leave 30 minutes early, may I allow that? Generally, no.

If it is possible for you to provide the minute meal period, you must do so and require the employee to take the meal break. Sometimes my employees would like to skip their breaks and add the time on to their meal period so they can have an extended lunch. As long as they receive the total time required, is this allowed?

To be in compliance with the law, you must require employees to take all breaks separately and approximately in the middle of each segment of four hours or major part thereof worked as the nature of the work allows. No matter how often I remind my employee, he refuses to take his meal and rest breaks. Since I have given him every opportunity to take the breaks but he chooses not to, am I in compliance? Your employee may not legally waive his rights to receive required rest and meal periods. To be in compliance, you must require your employee to take all mandated breaks, and you may even need to discipline an employee who refuses to do so.

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  4. Although the federal Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA also covers most Oregon employees and does not require meal or rest periods, employers must comply with the law that is most beneficial to the employee—in this case, the Oregon law. Certain government employees and employees who are exempt from minimum wage and overtime are also exempt from the rest and meal period requirements of the law; for example, exempt executive, administrative and professional employees.

    See ORS The typical adult employee whose work period is eight hours long is entitled to receive at least a minute unpaid meal period and two paid ten-minute rest breaks. Different provisions apply to minor employees under the age of Contact BOLI for more information. Employers are also required to make reasonable efforts to provide a private location where the employee can express milk.

    contgoogtiorukett.tk The provisions of the rest and meal period rules may be modified by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement if the terms of the agreement specifically prescribe rules concerning rest and meal periods. The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding meal and rest periods. Meal periods of not less than 30 minutes must be provided to non-exempt employees who work 6 or more hours in one work period.

    No meal period is required if the work period is less than 6 hours. Additional meal periods are required to be provided to employees who work 14 hours or more. Ordinarily, employees are required to be relieved of all duties during the meal period.

    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages
    30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages 30 Minutes to Understand the Financial Pages

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