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Explore music. Amity is a peace fighter, and not only this in their world people's lives are decided on their stars.

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The writing style of author is fantastic. Every character is so welly explained. The lead character Amity is fearless and brave. And behind all this there are some negative characters too which make the book more amazing. There is a cute love story too of Amity and his childhood friend Collie who is a fighter pilot too. After four years of no contact they are re united again at the base. The story is set in 's in USA.

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The ending was no doubt killer, I can't wait for book two to read. The book was a roller coaster ride. I would recommend this book to everyone of you. Go and read this NOW! Mar 13, georgia rated it really liked it Recommended to georgia by: Danni. Shelves: releases , reads , fangirlbook , ya , extremekissing , ohmygod , otpalert , romance , didnt-ask-for-this , needtoreadthesequel.

Actual Rating: 3. Amity better end up fucking bad-ass because of this and if she doesn't I'll write a formal complaint.

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Guys legit just read this for the cliffy. That was insane. Aug 30, Gabrielle Wishes she had more time to read rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , review-copies , own-it , ya , romance. First of all, who the hell wrote this blurb? Because not only does it do nothing for the book, it's also misleading as fuck. I honestly had no clue as what this book was about until I read the prologue. There were just so many questions. So, before I get to actually reviewing this, I'm going to clear up a few questions you may have had upon reading the blurb.

What is this about?

Broken Sky

Going to take this moment to write my own summary of this book. I've seen other people do this in their reviews. I've ju First of all, who the hell wrote this blurb? I've just been too lazy. The tiered Fights are a fair and mostly non-lethal. If your plane gets shot down, you lose, and the opponents country wins the vote.

It's like coin toss, but with bigger stakes and decidedly more dangerous playing field. Peacefighting is in Amity's blood. She's a legacy, and to her, there is no greater honor than being a Peacefighter. But Amity soon discovers that Peacefighting isn't as noble as she imagined. Now she's accused of murder and treason, and is on the run from authorities. When everything she's believed to be true turns out to be a lie, who can Amity trust?

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An echo of 's America? Is this, like, an AU historical fiction? I was worried about this, too. Racism, flimsy women's rights, WW2? Yeah, no. A book set in this time, AU or not, would have been messy - especially if the author chose to gloss over how bad it was an only focus on, what, the glamour of it. But I'm pleased to report that, no, this is not a historical fiction AU.

It's a dystopian novel set in the future. Waaay in the future, if I had to guess.

Broken Sky: #05

It just feels very 's. From the clothes people where when they're off duty, the music they listen to, the fighter pilots, the WW2 and Hitler parallels. All these elements scattered throughout the novel come together in a way that feels a little 's. But it's set in an America very far in the future. Many wars have taken place, and for some reason, we've regressed technology-wise, which, I'll admit, does contribute to the confusion of when the events of this book take place.

But I can tell you it's definitely in the future. All the signs are there: It's Sacrament now, not Sacramento. It's Angeles, minus the Los. The central part of Hollywood, where the walk of fame would be, is now called The Heat short for Heatcalf City.

Under the Broken Sky | Mariko Nagai | Macmillan

The Hollywood Hills are now called the Holy Hills, because most of the letters from the infamous and iconic Hollywood sign are gone. And now for the review: I'm going to be completely honest with you. I had no idea what to expect going into this book thanks, blurb I didn't know what it was about, I didn't didn't really know the setting, and I hadn't read any reviews of it to find out, because I didn't want it to affect my feelings on the book. Hell, the only reason I even chose to read this one was curiosity.

That, and I thought the cover was really pretty.

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