Dancing in the Streets

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The song is on one the compilation CDs in the car. I like the last comment. Pop music really was naive back then. Wow — so many comments! Yes — totally camp video and yes, total crap! Not worth a mention? Oh, and yes, very gay.

The only redeeming point about this recording is it may have saved lives by being such a big seller and its heart is in the right place and I cannot knock the sentiment of giving freetime to save lives. It was rush released to make cash so job done. Its a pity its such a piece of shit and not great art , would great art have made money? So I,m gonna forgive those involved as if it did save one starving kid it was worth it.

I know it sounds puke inducing but it is true. Bowie at least seems to be having a laugh at himself, unlike the preening Jagger.

The Resistance is Dancing In The Streets

I disagree strongly, nicky. Phil Collins is a much better pop songwriter and more adept pop producer than Bowie. Kanye West and The Dixie Chicks may have stated the obvious, but they were voices crying in the wilderness. Unless he kicked her out into the street without any money. Linking to the Big Chill for this post, I had the desolate realization that all the embarrassing Boomers in that clip were still younger than me. Picked up by Metafilter one dude there really hates this site—sorry!

A testament to something, I guess. Possibly a testament to a song that is now evidently being recognized as the best Bowie track ever, the absolute pinnacle of his career, and everything your blog has been working towards? Or, quite possibly, this is the track that everybody of a certain post-Boomer age was aware of, and even, dare I say it, where some of us first became interested in Bowie? Maybe for people of a certain age, everything — Ziggy, Low, Station — is just prelude. One of the interesting things about this site is how it is the bad stuff that attracts the comments.

While something as perfect as Word on a Wing barely registered anything. Unless 24 qualifies as old. Surely this is a wind-up?? Fact: Bowie is the greatest pop genius of his generation. Collins, who was often an excellent producer himself, knew how to arrange horns and use MIDI and Fairlights with greater sophistication than the Distracted White Duke. With all that competitive kicking and gyrating, as they vie for supremacy of camera, they should have done Kung-Fu Fighting instead.

In fact, I bet you could dub that song onto the video and the choreography would perfectly match. He posesses neither thing. And having run himself down a blind alley, he found it pretty hard to get out again. Particularly when there was so little around at the time to inspire him. Thankfully he re-discovered his mojo again in the 90s.

Bowie depends on contexts and inserting himself into them, and what might have whetted his appetite as a late thirtysomething? But when the age demanded glitz and artifice of the kind Bowie had mastered he proved inept.

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Did he ever talk about it? Having grown used to Bowie being at the forward garde of Rock in the seventies, little did I know that he was actually the canary in the coal mine in presaging the horrifying Mid-to-late-Eighties. Virtually all of my favorite musicians fell prey to the lifeforce-sucking forces of the full-blown Thatcher era, but Bowie was [as per usual] there in ; a good two years ahead of the pack!

This is great, funny, bitchy, vicious writing.

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - Dancing in the Street (1964)

I laughed out loud, literally. That said, come on. The video and the song amuse me, just like your post does. One other comment- watching the two of them makes me pine for their proposed remake of Some Like It Hot, which doubtless would have been hysterical and would also have made the average commentor here feel personally betrayed. Reblogged this on macressler. Pretty hilarious. I myself have been unkind to the song and its accompanying video in the past.

Dancing in the Streets Downtown

But at the time,yes I bought this. So did everyone else at school. I wanted a yellow duster coat just like his. Then my old nan came to stay and I was mortified — she liked this my nan, who in my memory only liked 2 things from the charts, Save your love by Rene and Renato and Snooker Loopy by Chas and Dave. I think she meant Bowie not Jagger.

I eventually gave this away to a friend, not wanting it in my cool Bowie collection. Tragic again. Will no one spare us of this troublesome single. Regurgitated yet again on the rather unattractive and totally pointless Legacy thing just announced.

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I despair. Point 2 especially. I will say this, the video not song does not deserve the level of vitriol hurled at it. It is terrible and god-awful and some lesser form of crime against humanity, but it is entertaining. I laughed my ass off the first time I watched it. I still got a laugh or two on the few subsequent rewatchings. To paraphrase Roger Ebert, if it was terrible and boring, then it would be a disaster deserving of vitriol.

There is no comedian that could have ever convincingly done this video as a rock star parody.

The fact that Bowie and Jagger did not believe it was comedy is immaterial. Besides, the video shows that both of them were impaired by various chemicals anyway Bowie is drunk or high, while Jagger has enough testosterone to power a bull elephant. I mean, they probably realized what an artistic disaster this was going to be, but there was no way to just abandon it midway.


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Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets Dancing in the Streets
Dancing in the Streets

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