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For journal editors: Would you wish that your journal were indexed in FishBase, please contact our librarian. References Citing FishBase.

Fish or Fishes?

Cite FishBase itself as Froese, R. World Wide Web electronic publication.

MONSTER Fish Caught from the Beach

Disclaimer FishBase present information on fishes as correctly as possible. However, we can not exclude errors, and neither we nor our partners can be held responsible for any damage that may arise from these.

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You are welcome to include text, numbers and maps from FishBase in your own web sites for non-commercial use, given that such inserts are clearly identified as coming from FishBase, with a backward link to the respective source page. Photos and drawings belong to the indicated persons or organizations and have their own copyright statements.

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Note: FishBase is also available on CD-ROM, with detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc. See the FishBase homepage or the FishBase book for more information. FishBase was assembled with the help of many partners and with the support of the European Commission and other sponsors.

Fish Species of Special Concern

Contact us if you want to provide pictures , data or reprints. Common Name contains begins with ends with is e.

Scientific Name The results are not different between the two options most of the time. Why name assessments may be different between FishBase and the independent Catalog of Fishes Eschmeyer, Glossary e. A quick Google Books search returns many scientific tomes talking about the different kinds of fishes that researchers have found in various regions, such as thirty kinds of fishes off the coast of California and kinds of fishes in Minnesota.

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In the Bible, Jesus feeds thousands of people with loaves and fishes. The movie The Godfather popularized the saying that someone sleeps with the fishes to indicate that he or she has been killed by the mob and dumped in the water. A few different sayings begin with If wishes were fishes. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. You May Also Like Jump to Navigation. Fish or Fishes? Is the plural of fish fish or fishes — it depends.


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