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The present Convent Library specialises in theology and philosophy. Fra Angelico Crucifixion. Museum's plan. Timetable Entrance Address. On the first floor, the library built by Michelozzo for Cosimo de' Medici - c. View of a cell with fresco by Fra Angelico. Fra Angelico Illuminated Manuscripts - Prayer book. Benozzo Gozzoli Adoration of the Kings.

1 Fra Angelico: The Annunciation in the Early Italian Renaissance

Fra Angelico Noli me tangere. Fra Angelico Birth of Jesus. Christ Pilgrim Received by two Dominicans St.

These friars had masterpieces by Fra Angelico painted in their cells

Peter Martyr Asking for Silence. Fra Angelico Descent from the Cross. Fra Angelico Christ Carrying the Cross. In doing this Angelico was drawing on established trecento precedents. In a plain-walled room Christ sits on a dais in a luminous white robe and tunic. The great slab of white marble beneath Him adds to the air of radiant whiteness surrounding Him. He is blindfolded, with a crown of thorns about his head. Behind Him hanging from a plain frieze is a screen on which are painted the emblems of his indignities: the head of the spitting soldier, the hands of the buffeters, the hand and stick forcing the thorns down on his head.

On a low step at the front of the picture sit the Virgin and St Dominic. Neither regard Christ but sit with their backs turned towards him in poses of intense meditation - the depth of meditation that the frescoes were designed to assist each friar to attain. It is located at the northeastern side of the Piazza Santissima Annunziata. Fra Angelico was commissioned for a massive painted cabinet to protect the precious silver votive offerings at Santissima Annunziata, among the most venerable churches in Florence. The Armadio degli Argenti Silver Chest may have been the most visible of the friar's work by virtue of the site for which it was made.

Coronation of the Virgin (Fra Angelico, Uffizi) - Wikipedia

The sacrality of the church was augmented further when, as legend recounted, an angel completed the fresco of the Annunciation in By the early fifteenth century, the Annunciation had become the centre of a major cult, receiving donations of precious silver. In the late s, Michelozzo renovated Santissima Annunziata at the behest of Piero de' Medici to accommodate the throngs of worshippers who flocked to behold the sacred image.

To safeguard the silver offerings to the Annunciation, Piero commissioned a wooden cabinet, the movable shutters of which Fra Angelico painted. Fra Angelico's series depicting scenes from the life of Christ consisted of 40 paintings of equal size 38,5 x 37 cm and one additional double-sized painting. From the 41 paintings 6 were lost during the centuries.

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From the 35 paintings conservated in the Museo di San Marco 3 can be attributed to Baldovinetti, all the others are the work of Fra Angelico. In this scene, Herod, with crown and sceptre, watches from above the infanticide he has ordained. The sinister, dark-clad soldiers pour through the archway wielding black daggers against the children.

The mothers, shown in a great variety of terrified postures and with looks of horror, attempt to protect their infants, but to no avail.