Twenty West: The Great Road Across America

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Nov 28, Ira rated it it was amazing. Good read for those wanting a literary journey across the US. It continues east through Oakshade , Assumption and becomes five-lane, non-limited access roadway into Sylvania to Toledo , and then turns south until into the Toledo suburb of Maumee. From there the four-lane highway continues through Monroeville and bypasses Norwalk , then becomes a two-lane highway from there to Oberlin. At the intersection with Pennsylvania Route , just outside the Erie city limits, it becomes West 26th Street.

Classic American Road Trips

After it reaches city center at the intersection with State Street, it becomes East 26th Street. Buffalo Road turns sharply northward at the town of Harborcreek. Within the town limits, it becomes West Main Street until it reaches the town center at its intersection with Pennsylvania Route 89, where it becomes East Main Street. Southwest Cutoff was created at the turn of the century to bypass truck traffic around Shrewsbury center as well as connecting to the Boston and Worcester Turnpike.

Route 20's official eastern terminus is in Kenmore Square at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue , Beacon Street , and Brookline Avenue , where the alignment becomes Massachusetts Route 2. Route 2 continues for a short distance where it terminates at U.

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Or stop anywhere else along the way to stare at the scenery: the red rocks of the Southwest, the endless grasslands of Oklahoma, the mighty, muddy Mississippi. The whole course runs around 2, miles, so plan on taking at least five days for the journey. You can hit Route 66 anytime of year, but the drive is liable to be less fun in the winter—at least, until you make it to the Southwest.

If you're looking for a relaxing road trip through Dixie, few drives can beat the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs from outside of Richmond, Virginia down to near Asheville, North Carolina. This road isn't just a scenic drive—it's a route down the spine of the central Appalachians, bridging Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Shenandoah National Park with a course revealing some of the most gorgeous rolling hills and gentle mountains on the planet. Don't expect to set any speed records on the parkway; the speed limit never goes higher than 45 miles per hour.

But taking it slow gives you a better chance to ogle the natural wonder that surrounds you. The road winds through numerous tunnels with insides of bare rock; between them lie expansive vistas, myriad mills, and more bridges than you can count. There are , for what it's worth. Summer and fall are the best times to hit the road—the foliage of autumn making the latter season a particular delight. The whole Blue Ridge Parkway runs about miles from end to end, so plan on needing a couple days to complete the journey.

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But it's sure to be a trip that produces some views you'll remember forever. If Jurassic Park still holds a special place in your heart, this road trip is a must-do at some point in your life.

20 American Landmarks To See On Your Cross-Country Road Trip

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway traces a loop through some of the most storied lands in paleontology, where some of the best-known dinosaurs on the planet were pulled out of the Mesozoic rock. From there, head west into Utah on state route until you hit Moab, then venture up US to the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail, where you can take a self-guided tour of an area where fossils of dinos like Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Camarasaurus dot the landscape.

Then head up to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry to see one of Earth's largest collections of dino fossils from the Jurassic era before venturing further north to the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, which has life-sized models of a dozen and a half dinosaurs—including Utahraptor, which inspired the raptors of Steven Spielberg's cinematic masterpiece.

From there, it's a quick drive east to Dinosaur Quarry, where you can gaze over thousands of fossils, before heading back into Colorado and closing the loop. The whole trip runs around miles, but expect to spend at least three days navigating the highways and byways if you want to see it all. And if anyone in your road trip crew isn't as enthusiastic about dinos as you are, there are plenty of jaw-dropping Western vistas along the way to keep 'em occupied. Most of New York state's well-known attractions lie along the broad eastern flank of the state, whether it's the Adirondacks in the north to the mighty metropolis of New York City in the south.

But the Empire State's quieter western end has its fair share of charm, too. Few areas in America can compare to the pastoral beauty of the Finger Lakes region, an area famous for its wineries found in a rough triangle between the small cities of Rochester, Ithaca, and Syracuse. Starting in the latter, head down Interstate 81 to Cortland, the closest incorporated city to the state's center, before diverting onto state highway 13 and following it southwest to Ithaca, where you can walk the campus of Cornell University.

From there, head north a few miles on route 89 to Taughannock Falls State Park, home of a mighty gorge that plays host to the towering titular waterfall, which sends water cascading down a foot drop—the tallest waterfall east of the Rockies.

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Then keeping going northwards on 89, where you can eat and drink your way along some of the area's best distilleries, wineries, and eateries. Say, maybe our future of self-driving car road trips won't be so bad. Once you've reached the northern end of Cayuga Lake, swing west through Seneca Falls, then south along highway 96 to hit the quaint towns of Ovid and Interlaken, before swinging over to the coast of Seneca Lake and following route down to one of the most iconic spots in American motorsports: Watkins Glen.

At around miles, this road trip can easily be knocked out in a day. But the Finger Lakes are filled with enough interesting places to stop and explore that it's best to allocate at least two so you don't have to rush. The trip is best done in summer, when the weather is nicest, or fall, when the autumn foliage is in full effect. If you're looking for a road trip that all but comes with its own playlist, it's hard to beat the stretch of U. This road served as the central artery for blues musicians; many of the greatest names in the style's history—Muddy Waters, B.

King, John Lee Hooker—either traveled the road or lived somewhere along it, while Bob Dylan chose it as the basis for the iconic album, "Highway 61 Revisited. Head north out of Vicksburg and roll along the four-lane road through the delta until you hit Clarksdale, where fabled bluesman Robert Johnson reportedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of Highway 61 and Highway 49; legend has it the Prince of Darkness still walks those streets, looking to make a trade.

Hellish encounters aside, Clarksdale is worth the stop to see the Delta Blues Museum alone—and since you're stopping anyway, might as well hit up one of the town's many clubs to hear some live music.

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From there, it's less than a couple hours to Memphis—which is good, because you'll want to spend some time in this western Tennessee town. Hang a right just before you hit Interstate 55, and you'll find Elvis Presley's fabled Graceland estate. Once you tear yourself away from the clashing fashions of The King's home, drive a few minutes up the road to Beale Street, the downtown stretch where artists like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison all cut their recording teeth at Sun Studio.

Though the Fox sisters ultimately recanted and admitted fraud and then recanted their recantation , nothing could stop the rush to believe.

This need to believe in and have evidence of the survival of the spirit after death was undoubtedly in part a reaction against the spread of Darwinian evolution and scientific materialism. Similar needs have convinced a twenty-first-century Kansas state school board to mandate the teaching of creationist religion as spurious science. Harry Houdini, like The Amazing Randi in our time, was a professional magician and a vigorous debunker of fraud. He knew that much of what passed for spiritualist miracles was cheap show biz trickery, and he ruthlessly exposed it.

23 of The Best Road Trips in the World – That We’ve Taken

Unlike debunker James Randi in our time, he seemed to yearn that some of it should be true. That was standard fare on Halloweens for years. Though there seem to have been no padlocks involved, thirteen of course; what else? They invoked the spirit of the late magician, who died on Halloween in So people are still trying, and Houdini is still not talking, rapping, or unlocking. Irrational belief is indestructible. Spiritualism as a significant social force is largely history.

What is left survives as an entertainment and a small formal religion, centered in Lily Dale, near Cassadaga, New York, a community just off US 20 in Chautauqua County, twelve miles from my house. Dozens of mediums live and hang out their shingles there. They are popular with tourists and local people. Lily Dale gears up in the summer; it quiets down pretty quickly in the fall, with only about permanent residents. For the snowbirds, there is Cassadaga, Florida, where the mediums well, some of them go in the winter.

Distinguished people went there to lecture or study or play, not all of them believers. One delicious anecdote concerns Susan B. The Chautauqua Institution, of which more later, celebrated its th season in Not to be outdone by much, the Lily Dale Assembly claimed as its st season. In this moving and profound workship, Van Praagh will open your awareness to the energy fields that surround you.

He will guide you through a meditation to bring you closer to the realms of the spirit. You will be invited to participate in a riveting and enlightening question and answer discussion imbued with compassion, depth and humor about the transition of death and various types of spirit communication. They are often frequented by a breeding pair of whistling swans, named, inevitably, Lily and Dale.

EPIC U.S.A. ROAD TRIP from WEST to EAST COAST - Charming America Travel!

There are sometimes good small theatre productions. But Lily Dale as a whole looks and feels run down, tatty. It was brought here as a kind of sacred object, something like the Bethlehem stable of the faith. Sadly, it burned to the ground not long after, perhaps torched by an arsonist. Some of the locals suspected its destruction was the result of religious persecution, and it may have been. In any event, Spiritualism is one more new religion, one more lively movement started by women, one more yeasty growth on the Great Road in a time of religious fervor.

Lily Dale perfectly fills its tiny niche in the history of American religious life, though it is no longer an intellectually significant place. Yet its influence is probably larger than its current importance suggests. Modern American society is obsessed with angels, aliens, area 51, Madam Chloe, astrology, the Psychic Network, runes, the Tarot, the I Ching, wicca, Left Behind, numerology, holy images on windows or trees or in cinnamon buns or pierogis or frying pans, weeping statues, soap scum Marys, any way to cut through hard thinking and get straight to the Really Big Stuff the quick and easy way.

Astoundingly, some of the politicians who lead this country expect, even long for and work toward, Armageddon and The Rapture. It would be absurd to blame Spiritualism for all this nonsense, but its remarkable fad was a big step in this direction, and it all started on the Great Road.

Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America Twenty West: The Great Road Across America
Twenty West: The Great Road Across America

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